Friday, August 4, 2017

Trumpski will attempt... spark a civil war of sorts with his Deplorables from here on out. He has no
legal options. He's caught in a treasonous web of his own making.

The hate groups and hate media will be out in full force. This is going to get very
nasty. The repercussions will linger for at least another generation. We will need a
super-majority of Democrats to grind Republicans into dust before we can really
see our nation moving forward.

As a result, we must focus on getting out the vote, and pressure the Democratic
machine every step of the way to provide us with candidates who have the integrity
and resolve to move us forward. It will be a long slog, for sure. But it must occur,
else our nation will quickly degenerate further into an oligarchical police-state.

Which is to say, what happens after Trumpski's fall will determine our fate for
many generations to come. Hence, we must continue always and everywhere to
resist, and never assume that our fight has ended.

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