Sunday, June 25, 2017

Blame the Democrats

Again, going forward, the right-wing hate machine, Russian agents, and Republicans
will blame the Democrats for "concocting" a conspiracy in order to blame Trumpsky
for winning the election.

And their nutjob base may keep swallowing it long enough for Republicans to win
the mid-term elections and retain a majority in Congress.

The really bad news is that Republican voters are just dumb and stubborn enough to
buy it and use it to spite Democrats. It happens like clockwork during each and
every election.

Pre-existing Conditions

This idiot is exactly right. If you have cancer, it's exactly like causing a car crash.

And no doubt about it that Wisconsinites who voted for this idiot are themselves idiots.

We live in a Confederacy of Dunces. Sad!

Normalizing Collusion

Trumpsky translation: Everybody colludes (including Hillary) so why can't I?

And voila! The right-wing hate machine has yet another talking point for
its dimwitted base.

Just Another Partisan Attack

Yet another talking point: Trump-Russia is merely a partisan attack.

You will hear this repeatedly now and throughout the remainder of the investigation.
This will give Republicans in Congress a consistent opportunity to gin up their base
in hopes of holding on to their potential mid-term election advantage.

As everyone knows, blaming Democrats is always a tried and true strategy to keep
in line the idiot GOP base.

Unhinged Hannity Commands: 'I Want Hillary Prosecuted'

Well, everybody and their grandmothers saw this coming, yes? Tamp down the
Trump-Russia investigation by merely gaslighting "Both Sides Do It."

Yes, it's despicable, yes, it's shameful, and yes, it's what the right-wing hate machine
does best.

Sean Hannity's fascism was revealed in all its ugliness as he demanded that Hillary Clinton be prosecuted just on his say so. He didn't seem to think there was any need for a trial, either, as he pronounced her guilty of "felonies," too. Hannity seems to become more unhinged nightly as he desperately "defends" his Dear…

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Democrats rush in where angels fear to tread

via Slate:

The grounds for political combat seem to have changed as well. If recent special elections are any indication—where GOP candidates refused to comment on signature GOP policies—extreme polarization means Republicans can mobilize supporters without being forced to talk about or account for their actual actions. Identity, for many voters, matters more than their pocketbooks. Republicans simply need to signal their disdain—even hatred—for their opponents, political or otherwise. Why worry about the consequences of your policies when you can preclude defeat by changing the ground rules of elections, spending vast sums, and stoking cultural resentment?

I'm not recommending that we should be fearful in the face of Republican backlash.
But I am suggesting that perhaps Democratic politicians should forgo attempting
to appeal to conservative voters. At least not overtly. They may have conservative
proposals, of course, that they think might appeal to conservative voters, but
ultimately Democratic politicians will always be tarred and feathered by Republicans
as being "latte liberals," as being snooty, arrogant intellectuals and socialists,
regardless of whether they're wearing 2K suits or coonskin caps and cowhide pants.

In other words, fuck 'em. Most conservative voters will hate whomever the
Democrats feature. 30+ years of indoctrination have made conservative voters
tribalists, incapable of accepting anything of value that does not emanate from the
collective approval within the tribe. So just fuck 'em and focus on Democrats and
independents; and most importantly, on voter turnout because, quite simply, there
are way more Democrats and independents than there are Republicans.

The trick, as Barack Obama so conclusively proved, is getting way more of
them to the polls to vote.

Healthcare Reality

Here is something that Republicans appear to be completely incapable
of processing. Or as Upton Sinclair once so wisely quipped, “It is difficult
to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not
understanding it.”

MSM Today, Yesterday, and Everyday

Watch what happens when a panel of teevee "journalists" and an incredibly dopey
U.S. Senator conduct a discussion about healthcare. At some point you can tell that
none of them are in any way tethered to reality, that all of them are conducting a
discussion solely for the purpose of making it appear as if they are engaged both
seriously, intellectually, and thus providing a truly informative exercise for the viewer.

Except that nothing they say is either practical, logical, or meaningful. It's just talk,
taking up space, filling in time between commercials. No real substance, no hard
facts, merely speculation and viewpoints that literally have nothing to do with the
day-to-day lives of ordinary people, like you and me. But has everything to do with
profit-motivation and the ideology of capitalism.

To start from such a premise is plainly obscene and never in a zillion years can end
with any fair and equitable conclusion. Not in Amerika anyway.