Saturday, July 15, 2017

Light and Darkness

This is an amazing interchange between Chris Hayes and New Jersey Rep. Leonard
Lance. And a masterful interview by Hayes, to say the least.

But currently I'm in a state of mind that tells me Leonard will flip on his views or simply
clam up in short order. Someone, be it Trump, Ryan, Priebus, Bannon etc., will get to
him; will, in short, find a way to blackmail him into silence and submission.

It's happened several times now with members of Congress who were once anti-Trump
but now are fawning all over him. Ted Cruz springs automatically to mind.

At any rate, this how cynical I've become with regard to this regime. There are no
honest brokers left in the Republican Party. They can be easily played and turned
into mute loyalists with blackmail and/or bribes.

I want to stop thinking like this but, alas, I cannot. The Republican Party is a cauldron
of corruption that will stop at nothing to turn our nation into a banana republic. It
seems embedded in their collective DNA.

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