Thursday, July 27, 2017

"Governing Within a Reality TV Metaphor"

Exactly. He's not a real president; he just plays one on teevee. And he plays it
for ratings only for his idiot base. Keeping them happy is all that matters.

Problem is, it's a nice trick if your only intention is to entertain, distract, and
thus retain a particular demographic. But it can't work in its totality in politics
unless you produce some kind of tangible and, more importantly, agreeable
results for voters.

That, of course, explains why Trumpsky's numbers are dropping dramatically
now even with his own supporters. They like a good show but they still want
those promises kept. Promises that, as time goes on, become increasingly
difficult to deliver given the current chaos within both Trumpsky's administration
and the Republican Party.

So why continue? My guess is Trumpsky, within his own bubble, believes that
the majority of American people will come around if he continues hammering
away. Which is to say, the majority of the American people will become
dispirited and simply give up. Either that or Trumpsky and his minions are now
just grasping at straws hoping to keep themselves afloat long enough to somehow
figure out how to diminish the impact of the Russia investigation.

It's a delusional mindset given the seriousness of the investigation and the slow
crumbling of support from Republicans in Congress. But there it is and there it
shall remain for as long as Trumpsky remains in the White House and not behind
bars where he rightly belongs.

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