Thursday, July 6, 2017

Democrats Need a Slogan...Bigly

Here's kind of where the Democrats are right now in relation to the Republicans.

I confess coming up with a slogan is a challenge but I'm going with the tried and true:
"We Make Prosperity" because, historically and currently, it's entirely accurate. Then
emphasize the prosperity of blue states versus the depression of the red states.

I think this because we're now looking at a country that contains a rather large
segment of society completely adrift from its original moorings. To wit:

via Esquire:

Sometimes, Twitter provides a moment of clarity. National Public Radio put a large text into the Tweet Machine yesterday in 140-character segments, and supporters of President Trump erupted in outrage. It was an example of liberal media bias against the president; it was "trash"; it was "horsechit." It was also the Declaration of Independence.

As a result, we must find some common ground else we'll be stuck rehashing the same
old ideological and cultural identity arguments that serve only to piss people off. You
want to win, Democrats? Then return to pocketbook politics. After which, when in power,
and in addition to the economy, we can re-visit all of our other signature guideposts.

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