Thursday, July 13, 2017

"They Would Accept Anything"

And therein lies the rub. For Republicans or so-called conservatives, nothing
Trumpsky says or does is a crime, is unethical--inappropriate perhaps--but
never illegal. Which is to say that unless Trumpsky resigns, Republicans will
do absolutely nothing to encourage him to leave office.

There will be no impeachment, no arrest, no indictments, no legal action of
any kind that Republicans will endorse that forces Trumpsky out of the
White House door. Only a majority shift to Democrats in the House in 2018
can prompt such an action.

It's a scary scenario, to be sure, and a reality that we must prepare for. We
must secure a Democratic majority in the House before any meaningful
action can occur. Only politics now plays a role, not integrity, not "rule of law,"
not ethics or Constitutional edicts. The bar most certainly has been lowered
to its most frightening degree.

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