Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Heat is On

Looks like Pence has his own obstruction of justice problem, as well he should. Now
if Mueller can snag Ryan, we'll be looking at a Hatch presidency. In the meantime,
watch for more rats jumping from the Good Ship Trumpsky. It'll be delightful

via Palmer Report:

The first was when former FBI Director James Comey publicly testified that Mike Pence had known since early on that Michael Flynn had illicit foreign ties. This helped confirm that Pence lied when he vouched for Flynn (link), which tacitly raised the question of whether Pence may have committed obstruction of justice in the process. Then came the confirmation last night that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is officially investigating Donald Trump for obstruction of justice, which in turn suggests that everyone in the Trump administration may also be investigated for the same. Pence began exploring weeks ago whether to hire an attorney, but finally pulled the trigger today.

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