Friday, June 30, 2017

The Distraction Factor

via Mock, Paper, Scissors:

I keep having an argument with myself about whether or not the Russian Usurper’s tweetage is strategic or not. Is he doing it as a distraction while his orcs, minions, and toadies do something else he doesn’t want us to see? Or is is that they know to use his nitwittery to their advantage? Generally, I think it is the latter, but then Axios has a scoop that undercuts my theory.

I’ve been arguing with myself (I always win) about this for months and have
concluded that Trump is desperate to get people on the teevee machine to stop
talking about the actual Trump-Russia investigation itself. The nuts and bolts,
in other words. And lately, aside from Maddow, I’m hearing mostly crickets
from MSM.

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