Saturday, June 24, 2017

MSM Today, Yesterday, and Everyday

Watch what happens when a panel of teevee "journalists" and an incredibly dopey
U.S. Senator conduct a discussion about healthcare. At some point you can tell that
none of them are in any way tethered to reality, that all of them are conducting a
discussion solely for the purpose of making it appear as if they are engaged both
seriously, intellectually, and thus providing a truly informative exercise for the viewer.

Except that nothing they say is either practical, logical, or meaningful. It's just talk,
taking up space, filling in time between commercials. No real substance, no hard
facts, merely speculation and viewpoints that literally have nothing to do with the
day-to-day lives of ordinary people, like you and me. But has everything to do with
profit-motivation and the ideology of capitalism.

To start from such a premise is plainly obscene and never in a zillion years can end
with any fair and equitable conclusion. Not in Amerika anyway.

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