Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Good stuff!

From Republican strategist, Rick Wilson:

You’re chained to the mast now, and the chains are of your own creation. Don’t lie to yourselves. Self-deception is always the most pathetic form of political suicide. So why not be honest about who and what you’ve become? You’re not members of Congress or senators. You’re not representatives of your states or your districts. You’re not fiscal, social, or national-security conservatives. You’re no longer leaders. Like ancient Romans who dined on the Tiber bass that grew fat at the outlets of the city’s sewers, you’re eating shit and pretending it’s a delicacy.

Even the boldest of you still tiptoe around the borders of the problem: Trump is a corrupt statist with delusions of authoritarian grandeur, a mentally unfit tantrum in human form who spends each day shredding the values our republic at home and its stature abroad. Some of you are downstairs servants, whispering behind your hands about how terrible you find Trump as a man and a president, and yet you abase yourselves daily, slaves to his whims and caprices.

The rest of you are like errand boys, bowing and scraping before a mad king, telling the puzzled, angry citizenry that all the ranting, all the failures, and all the lunatic capering at the Twitter keyboard are an ineluctable part of King Don’s 45-dimensional quantum chess game to Make America Great Again. You’re janitors, desperately hosing out a Tartarean monkey house as its resident, the Golden-Maned Howler Monkey, spatters you with his daily excrescences.

I’ve come to believe that even those of you who know you should run from Trump simply can’t. You’re dug in, mentally locked in the downward spiral of enabling and promoting Trump merely for the R after his name. Despite every polling indicator, you believe in the permanence of his approval numbers, and the power of his horde will remain puissant.

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